It's not a Horror Remix, it's "Deer Woman".

It's not a Horror Remix, it's "Deer Woman".

from Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” series

Deer Woman (2005)
Directed by:
John Landis
Written by: Max Landis and John Landis.
Starring: Brian Benben, Cinthia Moura, Sonja Bennett, Anthony Griffith, Lisa Marie Caruk, Ben Cotton

In this horror comedy, a set of peculiar murders leads skeptical detective Dwight Faraday to suspect that an ancient Native American mythological creature is in fact real. (from

Quickie Review
There’s a typo on the director’s line – it should say John Muthafuckin’ Landis. Not just a great horror director, but a great director – period. The one thing showcased in this episode is Landis’ deft comedic touch. Along with all the things you come to expect from a Masters of Horror episode (boobs and gore), this is easily the funniest episode of the season – certainly to date.

The Good: MAJOR props to the Landis brothers for this script. Maybe I just haven’t watched anything funny in a while, but this gave me a few belly laughs. It even holds up after a second viewing. If you need a little gore with your comedy, this is your huckleberry. And keep an ear open for the reference to Landis’ horror classic, “An American Werewolf in London.”

The Bad: Anthony Griffith has some shaky moments but not enough to take away from the movie. And if you’re looking for scares, you’re not going to find many here.

The Ugly: – We had to wade through “Dance of the Dead”, “Jenifer” and “Chocolate” to get to this episode.