Local Horrors: The Parker House

Creepy and Fun: The Parker House is a "must-see" attraction.
Creepy and Fun: The Parker House is a "must-see" attraction.

Haunted houses are the closest most of us will ever get to being in a horror movie. Even the most pedestrian production will take us out of the ordinary and, at the very least, put us in the dark and try to spook us. However, the exceptional ones, like good horror movies, not just scare us, but they also challenge and exceed our expectations.

Welcome to the Parker House.

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Lovecraftian “Valdemar Legacy” Looks To Set Foot In America

"The Valdemar Legacy" is looking for some American distribution love.
"The Valdemar Legacy" is looking for some American distribution love.

After watching a very disappointing first game of the World Series, I wasn’t necessarily looking for something to cheer me up but found it anyway.

The fine folks at Shock Till You Drop are reporting that the Spanish-made, Lovecraft-inspired “Valdemar Legacy” (or more accurately “La Herencia De Valdemar”) is being shopped for US distribution by Imagina International Sales.

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Jona Aldebot: What Do Horror Fans Want?

What Do Horror Fans Want?

Day Three of the Halloween edition of “What Do Horror Fans Want?” Today, we’re featuring one of my favorite bloggers/tweeters. He’s a lover of all things scary, lover of photography and just plan out lover! Jonathan Aldebot is the lack of brains behind The Reely Bored Blog; a blog that merely scratches of the surface of Horror. All because he was bored.*

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DVD REVIEW: ‘Altitude’

Fear - or Taco Bell - is in the air in "Altitude".
Fear - or Taco Bell - is in the air in "Altitude".

While I undoubtedly love the Halloween season, I have to say, almost nothing comes close to the feeling you get on Christmas morning. Even as an adult, I still feel the magic in the air whether it was walking through the early morning calm or waking to the sound of frantic present opening. Of course, opening presents was one of – if not the – favorite part. Tearing through the pretty colored paper, wide-eyed, and opening the box to reveal…

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What Do Horror Fans Want?

Everything I Know About Horror Is Right

What Do Horror Fans Want?

A few weeks ago, someone asked me what I thought was a very simple question. I’ll paraphrase it for you here: What does the horror community want? The question quite honestly stumped me.

What does the horror community want?

So, I figure in order to find out what the horror community wants, you have to ask the horror community what it wants. To that end, I’ve contacted a number of writers, directors, actors and fans in the horror community to find out what it is they want from horror.

This is going to be an ongoing thing, so I hope you enjoy it.

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REVIEW: ‘Paranormal Activity 2′

Six channels and nothing to watch in "Paranormal Activity 2".
Six channels and nothing to watch in "Paranormal Activity 2".

OK, time for a little mental exercise.

Imagine if you will if, instead of getting “The Empire Strikes Back” as the sequel to “Star Wars”, we got something a little different. Instead of ice planets and swamp planets and asteroid fields and a climactic light saber duel, we got a bit of a prequel. In this prequel, we meet Luke’s brother, also a farm boy on a different planet. He comes to own a couple of droids who have secret plans to a new Imperial space station. He needs to get off the planet and return the plans to a member of a royal family, so he hooks up with a former Jedi and a roguish smuggler. They leave the planet, only to be captured on this space station. Later they rescue the member of the royal family, escape from the space station and later destroy it using the secret plans they were trying to return. The movie ends with Princess Leia’s ship being attacked by a Star Destroyer.

While I understand that one of the tricks of making a good sequel is to use some of the same elements that made the original successful, at some point you have to expand the world, give it depth, a life of its own and not just rehashing it.

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Coming Soon To TerrorScribe.com

‘Tis the season. The Halloween season of course when good little TerrorScribes like me are busy little bees reviewing horror movies, visiting haunted houses, deciding on costumes and just enjoying the general spookiness of the season. As you might have noticed, I’ve cranked out a bunch of reviews in the past week and starting Monday, I’m kicking off a new series: “What Do Horror Fans Want?” I’ve collected a cross-section of authors, bloggers, actors and directors to tell about what they want expect from their genre. I’ll be kicking things off myself with the very humbly titled, “Everything I Know … Continue reading Coming Soon To TerrorScribe.com