The local horror film festival season kicks off when the Pretty Scary film festival opens at the Texas Theater February 26th.

Featuring films made by women filmmakers, Pretty Scary makes its second appearance in Dallas will a full slate of shorts and will showcase two features, “Fugue” by Barbara Stepansky and “Within” by Hanelle Culpepper.

The second feature for Stepansky (her first being 2009’s “Hurt”), “Fugue” according to the film’s website is the story of a young woman who movies in with her boyfriend but is soon convinced that the home is haunted. Later, she discovers that the last eight months have been wiped out from her memory after suffering from dissociative fugue and she must discover wheat caused it “before the past destroys her present.” “Fugue” stars Richard Gunn (“Dexter”) and newcomer Abigail Mittel.

“Within” focuses on a young girl Rachel (Mia Ford) with the ability to see evil spirits within others. Rachel and her father (Sam Jaeger) move to a new town for a fresh start, making friends with her teacher (Lori Heuring) and an odd classmate, Michelle (Sammi Hanratty). Soon, things sour and Rachel’s ability may be the key to a series of vicious attacks on children and a decades–old disappearance. This is Hanelle Culpepper’s first feature.

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