If someone asked me to sum up the Saturday experience at TFW, I could do it in two words: absolute insanity.

Truckers back in the day may have described the scene as “wall to wall and treetop tall” and they would have been right. Horror fans packed into the Sheraton Grand to see their favorites: Robert Englund, Sid Haig, Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus, Malcolm McDowell, Doug Bradley and many more. The zombie walk – hosted by Moxley Manor – kicked things off this morning and while the undead shambled in, hearses filled the parking lot for the annual hearse show.

However, for a night owl like me, morning came a lot later in the day so, when not writing, I spent time trolling the vendor hall.

Oh, the things I heard.

From the lovely Julin (“Spirit Camp”, “The Final”) came news of a new film that goes into production soon by the name of “Knucklebones”. The synopsis goes something like this: a group of bored teens unwittingly unleash a murderous trickster demon while playing an ancient dice game made from human knucklebones. “Knucklebones” will be the directorial debut of screenwriter Mitch Wilson, a native of Denison, TX. Julin also mentioned that they are shooting in an undisclosed and haunted location

Kerry Beyer, director of the throwback slasher flick, “Spirit Camp”, gave us some quick audio on his latest, “Code of Evil”. It will be a dramatic change from his previous film as it will be shot entirely on green screen. The full interview will be posted shortly.