While scrolling through the horror titles on Netflix the other day I came across Intruder. Just from browsing over the description I found two things that intrigued me enough to hit play. Right off I was interested at the thought of a slasher flick taking place in a grocery store. Not something you see everyday.

The second was the Raimi brothers and Bruce Campbell. I’ve had a celeb crush on Bruce since I saw Army of Darkness for the first time. I said to myself, “Can’t be too bad if those dorky Raimi brothers are in it”

The premise behind Intruder is a group of grocery store clerks are getting ready to close up shop when one of the cashier’s ex-boyfriend decides to pay her a visit. Because of his violent past everyone is quick to assume he is behind the bodies that start to pile up. Girl rejects boy. A fist fight breaks out and our rebellious felon is removed from the store. Everyone goes back to shutting down the store and all our forlorn felon wants to do is get his girl back so he repeatedly calls the store and proceeds to linger outside the store in a creepy stalker-ish way. But soon, the clerks start dropping like flies – killed by a mysterious… killer.

Clean up on aisle one.

“Intruder” is your garden variety 80’s slasher with a few things added that set it above other films like it. One, it’s has the Raimi Brothers and Bruce – and that’s a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick of awesome. On top of that, it also has an amusing scene where our heroine decides to hide from the killer in a Jiffy Pop display. For some reason as she stood there screaming like an idiot, I couldn’t help but think about that old SNL “commercial” about the Jiffy Pop airbag (“Crashed the car? It’s cool, your airbag is full of POPCORN.”). There’s also a pretty cool kill with a box bailer which was pretty awesome. Though the rest of the kills were pretty predictable, I found myself feeling slightly squeamish with anticipation over some of them.

I liked this film simply because it was the first slasher flick I’ve seen to take place in a grocery store. There are plenty of opportunities for creative kills not to mention plenty of handy weapons to use for self-defense. If you’re a Raimi brothers and Bruce Campbell fan like yours truly, then you’ll want to Instant Queue this one.