Back in 2011, Daniel Stamm’s “The Last Exorcism” absolutely rocked my world. It developed good solid characters, a good story and, for 90% of the movie, they honored the first rule of found footage films and kept me well rooted in the world they created. To me, it was a near perfect little nugget of horror.

Of course, this means that Hollywood had to try to squeeze a sequel out of it.

Late yesterday, the first trailer was trotted out for “The Last Exorcism Part 2”. This time, they drop the found footage aspect, picking up where the first film left off with Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) being found in the woods. She’s taken in, cleaned up and moved to a halfway house in New Orleans. Soon, strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Call me cynical, but let’s just call this one, “The Last Exorcism: Book of Shadows.”

“The Last Exorcism Part 2” is slated for a release on March 1.