Tales From The Big Chair: When the Party’s Over

I don’t think I have ever had a moment in my life define the word “bittersweet” for me as much as wrapping this film is. As we draw to a close on principal photography, it feels strange that I will have free time on my weekends. It feels strange that I will not have a house full of actors and crew trying to get ready in my one small bathroom, while I run around dragging props and equipment out to my truck yelling out the countdown clock to them the whole time.

Sure, we still have post-production, but that is a pretty solitary thing for the most part. We have ADR and pick-up shots that have to be done as well, but we’ll never have the whole crew all in one place again, on this film anyway. It almost doesn’t seem right. It’s become a weird little family, except this is a family we chose.

Over the past few months, I have really grown to love the folks we’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with. I knew they were good when we auditioned them, but seeing them performing the words that I wrote, I think we really got some great performances. Our crew has to be some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. Often working morning until night, with precious few breaks, they helped us make this whole things happen. I spent so much time grinning ear to ear as we filmed, I spent very little time thinking about it all being over.

We still have a wrap party coming up in a few weeks, and I cannot wait to get to spend some down time with everyone. Then, of course, there is the premiere (and they’d better all make it to that). So we’ll have some time together again. I’m truly grateful for the group of people we assembled for this film. The stars aligned, and we really ended up with the right people in the right spot when we needed them. All of our hiccups aside, things turned out the way they needed to on the set. There were definitely a few times that I thought we were screwed (ask me sometime about “Hair-gate 2013”). All in all though, I would not change anything about this experience.

We’ve gained some friends that I truly hope to keep for the rest of my days. We started out in a very different place, but some of these people have been able to knock some of the bricks out of the walls I build around myself. As I look forward to the end of this journey, I am already planning the next one, and the one after that. I just hope some of our friends are ready to jump back on that horse with us when the time is right. I love them all, and will always have a place for them in my films, and in my heart.

Shawn Ewert
Born and bred in North Texas, Shawn started writing short stories at a tender age. Following a deep love of film of every kind, he was encouraged to pursue his love of writing. Growing up during the heyday of the slasher film in the 80's, Shawn immediately developed an affinity for horror films that bordered on obsession.

Currently, Shawn is working on a number of different projects. Focusing his energies on Texas indie films, he moves from writing to directing, acting to set photography, and even catering film shoots to move into any role he is needed on set.

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