To mix my genres, this is one of those times I feel like Captain Jean Luc Picard, battered, tortured and tormented glaring into the face of his Cardassian captor. With only slight variation to the original scene, I shout:


Obviously, I know that there are more… but as I like to say, there are four movies too many in that trilogy.

It was a mercy when they brought that series to an end seven years ago. The series had lost it’s way from the original and only seemed to keep itself alive with an increasingly convoluted continuity. It reminded me of a deranged surgeon trying to reconnect his own intestines. But in classic genre fashion, the monster has to pop up again for one more scare.

Today, Lionsgate popped up to give us a trailer for the latest addition to the Saw mythology, simply called, “Jigsaw.” The tagline in it is “He’s coming to take back Halloween.” That’s shorthand for, “Paranormal Activity has finally crapped out and it’s safe for us to make another one of these bad boys.” The trailer is full of sharp object, blood, and people screaming. If it doesn’t get you jazzed for this next installment, it will certainly leave you asking the question: How can he afford to build all this stuff?

“Jigsaw” is directed by the Spierig brothers (“Daybreakers”) and has a October 27 release date.