Author Tammy Dupal

Tammy has been watching horror for as long as she can remember and, in retrospect, blames her stepdad for twisting her brain with stacks of VHS horrors, of all types, that they would watch on weekends.

She's dabbled in writing stories,long and short since she was a teenager and wrote her first horror script in 2005. She enjoys writing and being creative and bringing imaginary people to life.

She started Twisted Central in 2009 after some encouraging advice from a Twitter friend and says it's been a fun ride so far.


with permission from Twisted Central “Kodie” was the final film shown on opening night at the 2nd annual DOA Blood Bath Film Festival so there was a lot of build up. As we were walking around we overheard most of… Continue Reading →

Tammy Dupal: What Do Horror Fans Want?

Day Four of the Halloween edition of “What Do Horror Fans Want?” Today, we break the seal on the gender barrier as Tammy Dupal, the “Gore Whore” of Twisted Central breaks it down for us.

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