Tales From The Big Chair: I’m a Problem Child

Finally recovered from Texas Frightmare Weekend hangover, filmmaker Shawn Ewert once again takes us down into the filmmaking trenches.

REVIEW: ‘Aftershock’

Ever have one of those days? You know the kind: the ones that start out with you sleeping through your alarm, followed by running out of hot water in the middle of your shower, and then by cutting your face to ribbons while you dry shave. There’s cereal, but no milk; coffee but no filters. The day never gets any better from there, in fact, each new disaster is worse

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Tales From The Big Chair: The Root of All Evil

Allergies have been keeping me down lately but nothing can stop filmmaker Shawn Ewert as he shares his hard earned knowledge with us again. This week, he is NOT discussing Lindsey Lohan. You can donate to his project at their IndieGoGo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/sacramentthefilm

Teaser Trailer: “Hatcher III”

The slasher genre has been on life support for quite a while. Still, filmmakers like to go back to that particular well because the basic tenets of the films are fairly straight forward and they can be made for a song… and usually, not very good songs.

REVIEW: ‘The Last Exorcism, Part 2’

In nature, mimicry and camouflage are used as a defense against predators. Whether it is the protective coloring of some species or even the clever anatomy of a stick bug, these mechanism help protect the weak or otherwise helpless. Hollywood has taken this idea and, of course, applied it to films, allowing lesser movies to ride the coattails of better movies to make money they don’t deserve. Just like, “The

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REVIEW: ‘My Amityville Horror’

If you’d gone through my book bag any time during my seventh or eighth grade year, you probably would have found a very worn, very well-loved copy of Jay Anson’s “The Amityville Horror”. Though, for years, I’d fed myself a steady diet of strange-but-true books, this was my first taste of something that seemed immediate, tangible and truly frightening. While I’d love to say that I discovered girls or something

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Tales From The Big Chair: Notes to the Would-be Actor

Once again, filmmaker Shawn Ewert joins us to discuss matters of indie film making while working on his latest feature, “Sacrament”. This time, he has some words of wisdom for actors. You can donate to his project at their IndieGoGo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/sacramentthefilm

“Dead Shadows” Gets Distro

I remember seeing this trailer for David Cholewa’s “Dead Shadows” ages ago and thinking how wonderfully insane it was. But since that first sighting I didn’t see much else about it – which in my opinion was a damned shame. I’m a fan of French horror and to see a French Lovecraftian film – well, that would just be the bee’s knees. Provided they do it right. Oh, and provided it gets released.