Interview with Sheri Moon-Zombie

This is an interview I did for Red Carpet Crash last year. It was my first one and yes, I was nervous as hell. Sheri was very sweet and patient.

Yesterday, Sheri Moon Zombie talked with Red Carpet Crash about her upcoming role in “Halloween 2,” working with husband Rob Zombie, and the most annoying sound in the world…
Red Carpet Crash: First off, I have to ask you: Do you get tired of people asking you what it’s like to work with your husband?

Sheri Moon Zombie: (laughs) Everyone does ask that question. Well, it’s great. We have a great time working together.

RCC: You’ve got about five movies under your belt now, has it gotten any easier?

SMZ: Ummm… no, I think each role presents their own challenges and I never want to feel so comfortable that I’m just walking through a role. I always want to do my best so I don’t think it gets easier, no.

RCC: Which one, to date, has been the most challenging?

SMZ: Well, I always like to think that my most recent role, to me, seems like it was the most challenging because it’s the freshest in my mind and I’m the closest to that one still. So, Deborah Myers in “Halloween 2 … that was very challenging.

RCC: You started out wanting to get into voiceovers. Recently you got to do that for the upcoming “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto”…

SMZ: Yep, Suzi X.

RCC: …now that you’ve done both, what do you prefer, screen acting or voiceover?

SMZ: Y’know, I love them both for what they are. They both have positive aspects to them. I can tell you that I feel a lot more freedom when I did “the Haunted World of El Superbeasto” just because you don’t have to worry about so many other things that you’re concerned about when you’re on set. You don’t have to block. You don’t have to worry about lighting. You don’t have to worry about how you’re looking. It’s really freeing and you can act silly-willy in the booth and no one’s going to judge you or anything so that’s the real difference.

RCC: What scares you?

SMZ: Real life. Watching the six o’clock news. That’s frightening.

RCC: OK, here’s one I’m sure all the fans want to know… you absolutely, positively have to kill someone. What’s your weapon of choice.

SMZ: Oh, god, I don’t want to kill anybody. (laughs) If I had to? Oh, that’s terrible. I don’t even want to think about that. (pauses) I’d throw a… I’d throw something at someone. (laughs)

RCC: OK, pick the worse sound: howler monkeys, fingernails on a chalkboard or the fanboys bitching about the “Halloween” remakes?

SMZ: I’ll have to go with fanboys bitchin’. (laughs)

RCC: Some time ago, in a previous interview you mentioned that you were kinda leery about reading reviews. Are you any less nervous about them now?

SMZ: Well, I’m not worried about looking at them, I just don’t read reviews. Everyone has an opinion, and that’s great because I have opinions about, too. I’m just sort of in the mindset that if I read a review and it’s good and it’s a positive one and I believe it then I read another review and it’s negative, then I have to believe that one too. I can’t complain when someone writes something negative. So, I choose just not to read them and let people have their opinions.

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