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‘Tis the season.

The Halloween season of course when good little TerrorScribes like me are busy little bees reviewing horror movies, visiting haunted houses, deciding on costumes and just enjoying the general spookiness of the season. As you might have noticed, I’ve cranked out a bunch of reviews in the past week and starting Monday, I’m kicking off a new series: “What Do Horror Fans Want?” I’ve collected a cross-section of authors, bloggers, actors and directors to tell about what they want expect from their genre. I’ll be kicking things off myself with the very humbly titled, “Everything I Know About Horror Is Right.”

Joe Lopez
Dubbed, "TerrorScribe" by a former editor, Joe made the conversion to horror sometime in the mid-2000s. Little did he know he'd favored the genre all of his life. When not struggling with short stories, he provided genre film reviews for local entertainment sites and later genre sites who could suffer his cynical views.

It was that same cynicism - and some might say hubris - that lead him to have a brief flirtation with filmmaking. His first two efforts, "Annotated" and "Antes Que Seja Tarde (Before It's Too Late)" both premiered at a local H.P. Lovecraft film festival. A third short, "Survivor Girl" proved to be his undoing though plans are in the works to revived the cursed project.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX., Joe now resides in a small Texas town. Statistics say more dead bodies turn up in small towns that big cities... though he claims to have NOTHING to do with that.
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