Creepy and Fun: The Parker House is a "must-see" attraction.

Creepy and Fun: The Parker House is a "must-see" attraction.

Haunted houses are the closest most of us will ever get to being in a horror movie. Even the most pedestrian production will take us out of the ordinary and, at the very least, put us in the dark and try to spook us. However, the exceptional ones, like good horror movies, not just scare us, but they also challenge and exceed our expectations.

Welcome to the Parker House.

Located off of I-35 in Lewisville, The Parker House is the centerpiece of three attractions which also includes a haunted maze and bounce house for the kiddies. The Parker House – or more properly called, the Parker’s Mortuary – is roughly a 45 minute through an exquisitely twisted environment, both inside the mortuary and through an eerie, wooded trail that wrapped around the back of it.

So, what happens in there?
I’m not telling you.

As in any good horror movie, to reveal too many details would spoil it. But I will leave you with this – like most students of the genre, I’m pretty hard to scare. Even when experiencing it first hand, I can take the scene and dissect, analyze and appreciate it. I don’t jump. I rarely even flinch. Last night though, while appreciating one of the scenes, something happened; something that overrode my usual coolness and spoke to me in one word.


And I did. It was only a few short feet before I stopped and turned around to look back on the scene while the actor reset himself. I smiled: it got me. Not just a cheap jumpscare but something that hit me at a deeper level. Scary? Yes, but mostly fun. So much fun that I went through twice that night. The Parker House is an amazing venue where they do the big things – and the little things – right. Without a doubt, it’s a “must-see” this Halloween season.