OH MO! Mosleley to Play Manson

Choptop to play C-Man in the upcoming "Manson Girls"
Choptop to play C-Man in the upcoming "Manson Girls"

Auntie Maim’s heart nearly broke when Bloody Disgusting revealed that her very own hero of horror, that icon of the icky, that metal plated Machiavelli, Bill Moseley had been cast as Charles Manson, in Susanna Lo’s forthcoming “Manson Girls.”

Due to begin shooting this March, “Manson Girls” tells the tale of a young girl from a wealthy family, that falls under the Manson “spell”. Though not directly involved in the wildly infamous “Manson Family Murders”, Ms. Pitman was later arrested and convicted as an accessory to murder “after the fact.”

Moseley is cast along with a vast array of talent from the big screen as well as the small, including Eric Balfour (“Skyline”), Tania Raymonde (“Lost”), Brit Morgan (“True Blood”), Jennifer Landon (“As the World Turns”), Chad Faust (“The 4400”), Patti D’Arbanville (“Nip/Tuck”), Estella Warren (“Driven”), Monica Keena (“Night of the Demons “) as well as Stella Maeve (“The Runaways”).

Obviously this movie isn’t one you’ll want to take your impressionable little sisters to see, however, it warrants a thorough watching if for Moseley’s performance alone.

Imagine it, Bill Moseley channeling Charles Manson -“and the Oscar goes to”…well maybe not, but Maim’s got her dreams.

Auntie Maim
A long time horror fan, Auntie Maim builds monsters in her backyard. When not strapping electrodes to hapless victims, you can find her - front and center - at any Ghoultown show.

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