I know what you’re thinking, “Big deal, there are people around the pool,” but Saturday night around the pool was deceptively calm.

Directly behind me while I was taking that picture, the VIP party was in full swing. Those of us hanging out around the pool weren’t left out since the stellar assortment of guests would wander out for a breath of fresh air. As the night wore on, things got a little looser and maybe just a whole lot weirder. If you haven’t caught the videos of it on You Tube yet, here’s what happened. In the middle of a fairly ordinary Saturday night, the director of “Helldriver”, Yoshihiro Nishimura led a small group of people, all wearing sumo thongs (or mawashi as you please). It looked like it was just going to be your typical time-to-jump-in-the-pool moment, but this was Texas Frightmare Weekend and things weren’t about to be typical.

Maybe a Japanese man just shouldn’t put on a diaper-type garment when Dieter Laser of “the Human Centipede” is about. He immediately swooped in and placed those scantily clad pool-goers into the TFW Centipede before they finally ended up in the drink.

Video of this to come soon.