I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, “Indie horror is where life is breathed into the genre. Hollywood is just where it goes to die.” As my disillusionment with the corporate horror machine continues, I find some solace in the fact that small film makers are still keeping the home fires burning.

Before I go on, it’s time for a little full disclosure. Tammy Dupal, writer of the screenplay for the upcoming short, “X Marks the Spot” and founder of Twisted Central.com, is not only a friend but also a charter member of the TerrorScribe Mafia (she provided make up effects for the short, “Annotated”).

Today, I cornered her on Facebook and demanded she answer my stupid questions about making the leap from just commenting on movies to making them.


“X Marks the Spot” is basically the story of a social media junkie who ends up in a bad place because of it. Are you as connected to it as your character, Abby?
Unfortunately yes… I’m probably one of the worst about checking in wherever I go.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever checked into?
Haha… the potty. It started off as a joke between myself and a Twitter follower and kind of just went on from there. It was actually pretty hilarious.

Have you had any stalker experiences of your own?
Because of checking in? No. Thankfully.

Is “X” the first horror script you’ve written that’s been filmed?
It is.

How has it been making the transition from just commenting on movies to seeing your writing being made into one?
Scary… because I know how meticulous I am with films and how I myself pick them apart so it’s really scary to know that someone is going to do that to mine. It makes you feel very vulnerable.


“X Marks the Spot” was written and produced by Tammy Dupal and directed by Travis Legge (“Raymond Did It”). It’s the story of a girl who uses a social media outlet that tracks friends and leads to a disastrous outcome.