DFW Haunted Houses 2011: Moxley Manor

DFW Haunted Houses 2011

On an average Sunday night in Bedford, you can probably enjoy the stillness of the cool autumn air. Sandwiched midway between two metropolitan areas, things are calm. It’s the last place you’d expect to see a grown man being chased through a parking lot by a man with a chainsaw.

Unless, you’re at Moxley Manor.

Located in a strip shopping center at the corner of Harwood and Brown, Moxley Manor is a fairly new attraction heading into just its second Halloween season. I had the opportunity to visit it during one of their off-season events. I remember thinking that they had good, energetic (and maybe a tiny bit inexperienced) actors and nice, but somewhat sparse, sets. It was enjoyable; not remarkable or even something I’d go out of my way to recommend – just enjoyable. After visiting this past weekend, I have to upgrade my assessment into a full endorsement of a very nice little haunt.

The layout remains mostly unchanged from the last time I visited. The actors are still very energetic and engaging – though still a little inexperienced: in their defense, they probably have the youngest average age of any cast I’ve seen lately. The biggest difference, however, is the level of detail found in the house. On my first visit, I thought the sets seemed a little plain and flat. This time, I got to see a nice array of little details that really seemed to add to the design of each room. I would love to tell you what some of them are but – in the spirit of not spoiling things – I will just suggest that you go and check them out for yourself. Suffice it to say, most are not big and showy, but nice little additional touches that serve to make the atmosphere just a tad creepier. The atmosphere is set up early thanks to one of the benefits of being in a storefront. The line for it runs right up against the attraction’s outer wall and the patrons are treated to a multitude of screams coming from within. It works well as a set up.

Since I attended by myself, I had the chance to go in with a group of twenty-somethings – two guys and a girl. I expected them to make it through rather coolly. Whether they were just lightweights or what, there were plenty of screams from the group. I will give the attraction the benefit of the doubt. If I had any gripe, it would only be that it didn’t last long enough. I was having a heck of a time and it just ended too soon for my tastes.

Regardless, I left feeling entertained and I think, ultimately, that’s exactly how you want to feel. For the hardened haunt-goer, Moxley is a nice little bit of fluff. For the average person, there will be scares and screams and jumps aplenty. All around, it’s just a fun time and I highly recommend it.

Moxley Manor is located at 510 Harwood Road, Ste. O in Bedford. For more information, visit their website at http://moxleymanor.com/ or follow them on Twitter at @MoxleyManor.

And be careful driving through the parking lot: you get no points for hitting the chainsaw-wielding madman.

Joe Lopez
Dubbed, "TerrorScribe" by a former editor, Joe made the conversion to horror sometime in the mid-2000s. Little did he know he'd favored the genre all of his life. When not struggling with short stories, he provided genre film reviews for local entertainment sites and later genre sites who could suffer his cynical views.

It was that same cynicism - and some might say hubris - that lead him to have a brief flirtation with filmmaking. His first two efforts, "Annotated" and "Antes Que Seja Tarde (Before It's Too Late)" both premiered at a local H.P. Lovecraft film festival. A third short, "Survivor Girl" proved to be his undoing though plans are in the works to revived the cursed project.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX., Joe now resides in a small Texas town. Statistics say more dead bodies turn up in small towns that big cities... though he claims to have NOTHING to do with that.
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