INSTANT REVIEW: ‘The Stay Awake’

Netflix Instant is a great way to catch up on a lot of films that you might not have had time for or might not have even knew existed before. However, the sheer number of them available might make choosing one to watch difficult. Our latest addition, Carol Rogers, gives you the quick and dirty of what lurks in the Netflix depths.

In ‘the Stay Awake”, a group of students at an all-girls school are having a stay awake in which they are supposed to stay awake all night long while under the supervision of a female teacher and an older male chaperon. Little do they know a supernatural killer – the Angel of Darkness – is watching them from the shadows waiting to slay them one by one. One horny teen decides to sneak off to the “toilet” so meet a boy and this is where the slaying begins.

The gore was disappointing and cheesy. The demon critter just used its tail to stab people and in one scene, you could tell they used a wax head. The music doesn’t do you any favors either. It didn’t evoke fear but rather a headache. And what is up with the cheesy romantic song at the end of the movie?

In addition, if think that a movie set in a girls’ school would give you more than average boobage, you will be sadly disappointed as the most you get to see is a flash of leg. The ghost type mist needed a little something extra as well but considering the special effects of that time they just went with what they had. Personally my favorite parts were the electrical appliances catching fire and melting.

Overall, I give this film 2 stars and that’s because I liked the melting appliances. “The Stay Awake” should be “the Stay Away.”

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Carol Flythe
Carol has loved writing and horror films since she was a teenager. Now she has the best of both worlds, writing about horror films. She loves the classic scary movies like "Rosemary’s Baby" and she also enjoys independent horror films. Her favorite horror film of all time is "A Nightmare on Elm Street".

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