The slasher genre has been on life support for quite a while. Still, filmmakers like to go back to that particular well because the basic tenets of the films are fairly straight forward and they can be made for a song… and usually, not very good songs.

However, once in a blue moon someone comes along and finds a way to breathe life into old tropes and we get something pretty fun. That was the case back in 2006 with director Adam Green’s “Hatchet”. Easily one of the best slashers in recent memory, he managed to take everything old and make it feel new again. He followed it up in 2010 with “Hatchet II”, a less focused effort that seemed more concerned with their stand on film distribution than actually improving on the good work they did in the first film.

And now we have a teaser for “Hatchet III. Danielle Harris (who took over the heroine’s role from Tamara Feldman) returns as Marybeth as another doomed group heads into the haunted swamp of Victor Crowley. Not much to go by in this one – though there is some nice cinematography – but one interesting bit in the teaser is that we may see a faceoff between Kane Hodder (Jason in many of the classic “Friday the 13th” movies) and Derek Mears (Jason in the “Friday the 13th” remake).

“Hatchet III” is due in theaters June 14.