Author Scott Shoyer

A certified underachiever and procrastinator, Scott Shoyer has trained in some of the best kitchens in Philadelphia and Austin. His love of being on the "outside" kept him in kitchens where he reluctantly climbed the ladder to the role of executive chef. But just like when younger, Scott would prefer sitting alone in a dark basement watching an endless stream of horror films. Desensitized to violence and hardcore gore by the age of 10, Scott’s love of horror films burned with him for 4 decades, prompting him to finally create AnythingHorror back in late December 2009. If it’s sick, twisted, disturbing, and/or excessively gory you can bet Scott’s seen it!!

Scott Shoyer: What Do Horror Fans Want?

We’re still having withdrawals from Texas Frightmare Weekend over here. However, it’s not all just aching feet and empty bank accounts – there are a few good things lingering over as well. One of them is an honest to goodness… Continue Reading →

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