Films reviewed on are graded on a 1-5 scale based on a set of four criteria:

  • Technical: Quite simply, is it a good movie. This will encompass all the usual things that go into a movie-watching experience. Was it shot well? Edited well? Are the actors any good? Is the story-telling effective. Basiaclly, standards you can put to any movie. Due to the wide range of films we’ll review – from nano-budget indies to multi-million studio joints – we’ll keep everything in perspective for you because low cost does not necessarily mean low quality.
  • Gore: How bloody is the film? While we recognize that not all horror films need to have high blood volume to be effective, the ones that do will be graded here.
  • Horror: Straight up, is it scary? Will it scare the hardcore fan or is it tame enough for a first date.
  • The B-Factor: Unlike most film genres, horror holds schlock in high esteem. We’ll take this into account here whether a movie is a “throwback,” an homage, “so bad it’s good” or just plain bad.

Each will be graded individually and then summed up into an overall score, once again, on a scale of 1-5.