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‘Walking Distance’ Gets A Deal

Chalk another one up for homegrown Texas horror. The big news comes out today from Fangoria.com (story no longer available), that Houston-based director Mel House has scored a deal with Lionsgate to distribute his latest film, “Walking Distance”.

REVIEW: ‘Walking Distance’

It’s time for another episode of “TerrorScribe Confessions.” If you missed the previous episode, we won’t recap the horrible and embarrassing events of that night. Suffice it to say that powdered lime works exactly how they say it does and… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Closet Space’

If you’re like me and have lived in Texas for any length of time – or even a state or an area that has lots of country music on the radio – you’ve probably heard David Allan Coe’s “You Never… Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Frightmare Weekend ‘Imago’ Trailer

There’s no rest for the wicked and apparently, none also for Mel House – make whatever value judgment on that you like. Having just recently premiered his latest film, “Walking Distance” at the DIFF last month, we find his next… Continue Reading →

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