PRETTY SCARY 2 REVIEW: Shorts, Sweet and To the Point

Nine shorts were presented at this past weekend’s Pretty Scary 2 Film Festival, sponsored by genre regular Shannon Lark’s Viscera Film Festival. Although these films were short -some lasting less than a minute – their message was loud and clear: you don’t need an hour and a half to make someone jump nor do you need a lengthy dialog.

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After Action Report: Blood Bath 2 Film Festival

Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival

For any local horror fans who missed out on this – quite simply – you missed a lot. Blood Bath 2 featured roughly 16 hours of horror goodness. Opening the program was a set of shorts from the Splatterfest Film festival. For those of you not in the know – as I was – Houston’s Splatterfest Film Festival features shorts from teams of filmmakers who have two days to write, shoot and edit their film. To add an element of “horror improv” to it, the teams are assigned a murder weapon, a character to include and a line of dialogue that each short must have. It made for some very interesting and creative films. Of that first set, “Award-Winning Masterpiece” was particularly memorable as perhaps the funniest and most twisted take on exorcisms that I have ever seen.

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REVIEW: ‘Walking Distance’

Cadence (Danielle Jones) in one of many WTF moments in "Walking Distance".
Cadence (Danielle Jones) in one of many WTF moments in "Walking Distance".

It’s time for another episode of “TerrorScribe Confessions.”

If you missed the previous episode, we won’t recap the horrible and embarrassing events of that night. Suffice it to say that powdered lime works exactly how they say it does and that I will never look at a Jello pudding pop the same way again.

This week’s confession: it’s taken me three tries to watch this movie.

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