DFW Haunted Houses 2011

DFW Haunted Houses 2011: The Boneyard

DFW Haunted Houses 2011

Ah, October. There is a crispness in the air, the leaves on the trees burn with reds and oranges, and the cloying aroma of chainsaw exhaust hangs in the breeze.

All of it just screams “Halloween”.

Yes, it’s haunted house season: that glorious time when we can enjoy bloody and fantastical horrors before having to return to the horrors of the real world. This year, I’m going to review all the houses I hit this season. As somewhat of an admitted “horror snob,” I will try to keep the perspective of both the dyed-in-blood genre fan and your more average attraction goer (without spoiling it).

First up – the Boneyard
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