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REVIEW: ‘Husk’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Let me tell you about the horror movie with the bunch of pretty kids who get waylaid somewhere out in the country where there is no cell service and then are attacked by… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘The Task’

After having read its synopsis for “The Task”, I was really excited about this film. I thought to myself, “what a great concept” and it was… until someone covered, smothered and strangled nearly every ounce of originality from it. “The… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Seconds Apart’

Much ado is made of twins in horror films, and the “special bonds” that exist between these unique children seem endlessly ripe for speculation, usually running to the grim and excessive. In a world where uniqueness is prized and symmetry… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Prowl’

They say that you can never go home again. What exactly does that mean? It’s usually one of those nebulous phrases that someone says during a bittersweet homecoming. Sometimes, however, it’s just the hard truth. You can’t go home. Sometimes… Continue Reading →

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