REVIEW: ‘The Last Exorcism’

Did the devil make Nell (Ashley Bell) do it in "The Last Exorcism".
Did the devil make Nell (Ashley Bell) do it in "The Last Exorcism".

Back when I was too young to drive myself anywhere but old enough to ride my bike places, I would, on most any summer day, trek on down to the old Hampton-Illinois library. You could usually find me in one of a couple of places: either somewhere in with the science-fiction books or in the religion section. Religion might sound like a curious section for a boy barely in double digit years to be poking around in, but there was one book that constantly held my fascination. Up on one of the higher shelve – high enough for me to need a step stool to get to – was a small red and black book, barely bigger than a paperback.

Its title, one simple word: Demonology.

Maybe there was just something about my Roman Catholic upbringing that drew me into that mysterious world of candlelit rituals and spiritual warfare. Maybe I’ve always been attracted to the darker elements of life. Whatever the reason, it makes me excited about movies like “the Last Exorcism”.

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