‘Homecoming’ (2005)

The living dead want you to watch "Homecoming".
The living dead want you to watch "Homecoming".

from Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” series

Homecoming (2005)
Directed by:
Joe Dante
Written by Mick Garris and Sam Hamm. Based on the short story “Death & Suffrage” by Dale Bailey
Starring: Jon Tenney, Thea Gill, Robert Picardo, Beverly Breuer, Terry David Mulligan,
J.W. Carroll

During the campaign for the reelection of the President of USA, the political consultant David Murch wishes live in a television talk show that a deceased soldier could come back from his grave to vote in the election as a marketing to promote his candidate. The president uses his idea in a speech and wishes that all the deceased soldiers could return from their graves for the election. Somehow his wish is granted and the soldiers died in the last war returns with the objective of voting in the opposition to the government.  (from IMDb)

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