TFW 2011 Interview: Tony Brownrigg

When you’re an independent film maker, you don’t always have the luxury of having an FX person or a makeup person or even different people to write, direct or edit. Many times, all of these people are the film makers themselves.

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that when you look at Tony Brownrigg’s IMDb page that he’s held quite a few jobs in a film’s production. The director of the quirky horror, “Red Victoria”, Tony’s latest project, “Archaic Redemption” adds yet another title to his list: virtual pioneer.

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TFW 2011: Day 2, The Midday Edition

If someone asked me to sum up the Saturday experience at TFW, I could do it in two words: absolute insanity.

Truckers back in the day may have described the scene as “wall to wall and treetop tall” and they would have been right. Horror fans packed into the Sheraton Grand to see their favorites: Robert Englund, Sid Haig, Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus, Malcolm McDowell, Doug Bradley and many more. The zombie walk – hosted by Moxley Manor – kicked things off this morning and while the undead shambled in, hearses filled the parking lot for the annual hearse show.

However, for a night owl like me, morning came a lot later in the day so, when not writing, I spent time trolling the vendor hall.

Oh, the things I heard.

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TFW 2011 Day 1 After Action Report

Time flies when you’re having fun. Day one here at TFW was supposed to officially start at 4PM. At least that’s what I thought at first. Instead, things kicked for me right around ten-thirty when networking started with local bloggers and assorted horror types. It rapidly spun into a whirlwind of activity culminating in the opening red carpet ceremony filled with some of horror’s biggest names and rising stars. True to form with most horror gatherings, the stars are generally accessible and truly happy to meet fans. From the red carpet, festivities spilled over into the dealers’ room, which was … Continue reading TFW 2011 Day 1 After Action Report

TFW 2011 REVIEW: ‘The Woman’

Chris (Sean Bridger) and Belle (Angela Bettis) and their "perfect" life before "The Woman".
Chris (Sean Bridger) and Belle (Angela Bettis) and their "perfect" life before "The Woman".

In the beginning, as some people like to say, god created… well pretty much everything. But, it was kinda like throwing a party and nobody showing up, so god created guests: it solved the immediate problem and saved him on the cost of invitations. It wasn’t too long, though, before there was drama. God created man first and then pulled woman from an extra body part: so they were created together but not equally. Man was to be the boss of the woman. And while woman sought knowledge, man, by proxy for god, found that to be evil. They were cast out of paradise and woman was made to bear the burdens for her transgressions.

At least that’s what some people say.

Some people might say that man, in his natural state, prefers the balance found in a matriarchal belief system. Others still might say that man was created as a result of biological happenstance and natural selection. One thing that could be agreed upon is that Lucky McKee’s “the Woman” is a potent movie.

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TWF 2011: Day 0

Checked into the Sheraton Grand this afternoon. TWF attendees were trickling in as those attending a business conference were checking out. This evening, though, the excitement isn’t taking place at the hotel but at the Studio Movie Grill in Lewisville where Lucky McKee is getting the red carpet treatment for his controversial latest film, “The Woman”. It premiered at Sundance where it angered some members of the audience who felt it was too disturbing. Tonight, TFW goers will experience how disturbing McGee’s vision for ourselves. Screening before “The Woman” is “Offspring”, Andrew van den Houte’s 2009 offering about a clan … Continue reading TWF 2011: Day 0