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REVIEW: ‘The Raven’

Literary history and Hollywood go together like… well, like two things that go together particularly well. With the exceptions of perhaps Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson, writers lead notoriously uninteresting lives. Thoreau may very well have plucked the phrase “quiet… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘The Cabin in the Woods’

Welcome to quite possibly the shortest review I’ll ever write.

REVIEW: ‘Silent House’

If you can’t have good actors, have a good story. If you can’t have good actors or a good story, have good effects. If you can’t have good actors, a good story or good effects, have a good gimmick. And… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘The Woman in Black’

For those who live in and around the Dallas area, you might think that growing up in Oak Cliff is a lot like growing up somewhere just outside of downtown Bagdad. While I can’t necessarily speak for the conditions today,… Continue Reading →


While scrolling through the horror titles on Netflix the other day I came across Intruder. Just from browsing over the description I found two things that intrigued me enough to hit play. Right off I was interested at the thought… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘The Whisperer In Darkness’

Nothing good is easy. I’m sure I’m not the first person to say that but I will tell you to carve that in stone. Be it in work, play, life or love; it’s just one of those universal truths. And… Continue Reading →

INSTANT REVIEW: ‘The Stay Awake’

Netflix Instant is a great way to catch up on a lot of films that you might not have had time for or might not have even knew existed before. However, the sheer number of them available might make choosing… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘The Devil Inside’

Right now, somewhere in the dark, cobweb-dusted recesses of my mind, a rabbit and a duck argue. Familiar voices bicker back and forth… “Rabbit season!” “Duck season!” “Rabbit season!” “Duck season!” It goes on like this for some time until… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘The Thing’

These days, there are two words that can strike fear into the hearts of many movie goers: “horror remake” – especially if those words are immediately followed by the words “from Platinum Dunes.” Usually, these words mark yet another pointless,… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’

We live in the age of the Disney fairy tale. In these stories, the heroes and heroines are invariably young and beautiful. A lot of times, they are a bit naïve in the ways of the world and much of… Continue Reading →

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