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REVIEW: ‘Final Destination 5’

Like many parts of the country these days, the horror genre has been firmly in the grips of a drought for the last few years. True relief has been scarce and we find ourselves grateful for even the slightest promise… Continue Reading →

DVD REVIEW: ‘Chainsaw Sally: Season One’

From the ages of about eight to thirteen, I was more or less surgically attached to a library. For us old folks, the library was our internet, except that it was made out of paper. Completely unlike the current internet,… Continue Reading →

TFW 2011 REVIEW: ‘The Woman’

In the beginning, as some people like to say, god created… well pretty much everything. But, it was kinda like throwing a party and nobody showing up, so god created guests: it solved the immediate problem and saved him on… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Kodie’

Not long ago, if you wanted to make a movie and show it in theaters, you needed to have a wheelbarrow full of money. Lacking that, the chances of your movie ever seeing the light of day were between slim… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Scream 4’

To paraphrase something a wise woman once said, assumption is a crap-filled Twinkie: it looks great until you take a bite out of it. An assumption is a little bit of mental laziness that circumvents the heavy lifting of critical… Continue Reading →

REVIEW:’The Ward’

In a perfect world, there is no crime, no disease. In a perfect world, we are at peace at the personal level, the global level and every level in between. In a perfect world, no good deed goes unrewarded, nice… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Insidious’

The problem, I think, with most horror movies these days is that they’ve forgotten how to scare us. The relationship of today’s horror film to the audience is very much like that of an old married couple who’ve fallen into… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Red Riding Hood’

Four reviews and countless diatribes later, I think it’s pretty safe to say: I hate the Twilight movies and all things like them. I try to be objective about them, really I do. However, there is something about the bloodless,… Continue Reading →


For a couple of years in college, I was a music major. I generally liked it except for Tuesdays and Thursdays when, invariably, I’d have a 7:30AM class. My freshman year it was Music Appreciation. Music History took its place… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: ‘Spirit Camp’

If you ask either of my ex-wives, there are a great many things that I don’t know anything about. However, I do know something about cheerleaders. Now before you start with the knowing winks or high-fives, let me clarify: my… Continue Reading →

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