Daniel Lutz recounts the 28 days in "My Amityville Horror".

REVIEW: ‘My Amityville Horror’

If you’d gone through my book bag any time during my seventh or eighth grade year, you probably would have found a very worn, very well-loved copy of Jay Anson’s “The Amityville Horror”. Though, for years, I’d fed myself a steady diet of strange-but-true books, this was my first taste of something that seemed immediate, tangible and truly frightening. While I’d love to say that I discovered girls or something healthy like that to divert my attentions, I instead discovered “StarBlazers” and Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”. Science swept away spirits and spooks, at least for me. For others, the horror continued.
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“Dead Shadows” Gets Distro

I remember seeing this trailer for David Cholewa’s “Dead Shadows” ages ago and thinking how wonderfully insane it was. But since that first sighting I didn’t see much else about it – which in my opinion was a damned shame. I’m a fan of French horror and to see a French Lovecraftian film – well, that would just be the bee’s knees.

Provided they do it right.
Oh, and provided it gets released.
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One Too Many: Last Exorcism Part 2 Trailer

Back in 2011, Daniel Stamm’s “The Last Exorcism” absolutely rocked my world. It developed good solid characters, a good story and, for 90% of the movie, they honored the first rule of found footage films and kept me well rooted in the world they created. To me, it was a near perfect little nugget of horror.

Of course, this means that Hollywood had to try to squeeze a sequel out of it.

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Chloe (Melissa Revels) and Abby (Aley Krienz) from the Tammy Dupal-penned "X Marks the Spot".

Local Horror: Tammy Dupal and ‘X Marks the Spot’

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, “Indie horror is where life is breathed into the genre. Hollywood is just where it goes to die.” As my disillusionment with the corporate horror machine continues, I find some solace in the fact that small film makers are still keeping the home fires burning.

Before I go on, it’s time for a little full disclosure. Tammy Dupal, writer of the screenplay for the upcoming short, “X Marks the Spot” and founder of Twisted Central.com, is not only a friend but also a charter member of the TerrorScribe Mafia (she provided make up effects for the short, “Annotated”).

Today, I cornered her on Facebook and demanded she answer my stupid questions about making the leap from just commenting on movies to making them.
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HPLHS Strikes Again: The Whisperer in Darkness Trailer

Holy crap! Did we finally find a good Lovecraft movie?
Holy crap! Did we finally find a good Lovecraft movie?

While Lovecraft fans like me endure the excruciating wait for Del Toro’s “At the Mountains of Madness”, pickings are notoriously slim for any other tentacle-y goodness. Ordinarily, when Hollywood gets its grubby little mitts on any of Lovecraft’s work, the only resemblance it might bear to the original is the title. Sometimes, not even that. Lovecraft is not an easy author to adapt. It’s a job best left to professionals and scholars… like the people of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

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